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The Celebration Expectation

As I caught a glimpse of my very short chestnut hair with (what I’m calling) blonde highlights ;) I was reminded how different [and similar] things were in our household one year ago. I certainly didn’t think I would be sitting here during what feels like an apocalypse on THIS date. I was, after all, quarantined for a much different purpose one year ago... I had walked in and out of that clinic at least 47 times [I have the parking ticket to prove it], half of which were for Chemo infusions, another handful for scans, several more for check ups, four more for surgeries, and few more beyond that for diagnostics, nurse education and post op visits. In total I’d gone to over 100 appointments. I just stopped counting my records after that. I had a mile high of paperwork, each one representing another appointment and I'm quite certain that if I laid each piece of paper out in a line it would literally be the outline for a 5K fun run- minus the fun. Just a few from "the s
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Designed by Team Pink Package "PRACTICING GRATITUDE CAN GIVE YOU MORE ENERGY, DECREASE STRESS AND MAKE YOU MORE OPTIMISTIC ABOUT WHAT IS TO COME." -  Dr. Randy Kamen,   Psychologist. Educator. Author  @TEAMPINKPACKAGE we think everyone could use a little of this! Whether at a crossroads at home, health, work or school it is important to remember the power of positivity. Surround yourself by others who allow you to think positively and be optimistic. You have enough going on without a debbie downer at your side! We recently read an article on how the act of practicing gratitude can shift your thinking and literally affect your health for the better. No, I get it, it's not going to cure your cancer, find that perfect guy, or get you a new job, but it will help you stay positive through these challenges to get you through the journey.   Recording these positive experiences boosts levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness and energy, es
Think you need the perfect thing to say or do when tragedy strikes? Think again.   In this blog we will talk about how Pink Package came to life and how you can be involved in your [mom, sister, colleague, friend, boss, neighbor]'s cancer journey. Sitting in the Emergency Room... It's 11pm a week before Christmas. I'm sitting. Alone. In a dark hospital. My husband had finally gone into surgery for an emergency appendectomy after 11 agonizing hours of waiting. But what am I thinking of... how freaking starving I am. Selfish, I know.  Phone a Friend... I'd just had my fourth chemo treatment the day before and I hadn't eaten anything all day. I was exhausted and so hungry that I was contemplating eating the sugar packets by the very dirty coffee machine. I picked up my iPhone to call my friend and colleague Susan; someone who can effortlessly make me laugh. (Susan if you're reading this... I feel violated. I'm not sure how, I just do. Little inside joke